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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Replica mini bride...

Happy Saturday hunnies....wishing y'all a fun filled weekend! Yipee....I got to attend a wedding reception and I was just in the mood to wear something really simple and wedding like. Is there a word as wedding like? Only me comes up with all these strange words.....lol

I felt a a bit weird in this dress. I have never worn a white dress before and it just felt quite strange and also because I think I looked like a replica bride....lol. The dress has a deep V neck cut and silver embellishment by the shoulder.....it is actually just a bit above my knee but my it kept moving up asi walked.

I paired the outfit with my black mirrored court heels and blue/white beaded clutch. I thought the shoes and clutch was a good combination as they both had few colors in common and made the match flow. 

Since I had a V neck cut, I wore a long pink dangling earring and kept my neck free, although wearing a simple thin chain would have worked for this look. I wore a double finger silver ring to get the look more dressy and compliment the silver base on the shoes and dress embelishment.

I gave my hair a different look! I bet y'all got tired of seeing that curl. I had a side weave plait and swept it all to the back tucked in and clipped. The most interesting part of this hair was the clipping, I ran out of bobby pins and I had to innovative as I was loving the different look, so,I used a vintage looking earring to clip it. I hope it doesn't look wrong?

My makeup needed a kick since the outfit was simple. Red lips was what came to mind so,used my one and only Mac Rubby Woo, sleek Sahara blush, and gold mixed eyeshadow. 

Ignore my not soo radiant smile, I guess I was cold posing for the picture....

I hope you enjoyed this post yet again luvlies. Pls stay tuned for the give away coming real soon. Procedures and details would be posted soonest. Pls stay glued!

Yewande Alaka