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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Replica mini bride...

Happy Saturday hunnies....wishing y'all a fun filled weekend! Yipee....I got to attend a wedding reception and I was just in the mood to wear something really simple and wedding like. Is there a word as wedding like? Only me comes up with all these strange words.....lol

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Boyfriend sTEAL....

Hello sweeties! It's been a long minute.....I have been super busy and also struggling trying to adapt to winter yet again. I know it's not enough reason not to have blogged but pls pardon me. Am soo excited today because 'swish styles' is four weeks old already. I really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who stays glued to this blog, people that spread the word, everybody that has supported and shown love one way or the other. Am truly grateful and just can't thank you enough because the turn out has done way more than I expected. THANK YOU xxxxx..

So today's post is a bit of a an indecisive look. Wore a male looking boyfriend jeans and a girly structured peplum top and heeled sandals.....

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Swishpiration: Marina {skirt Magician}

Hey dolly dolly dollies.....just thought we get an early swish style this week! A good way to jump start the week......meet this beauty with an amazing style and jaw dropping remixing skill. It's so obvious she's a junkie for skirts and colors and you just gotta love it.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Teal meets power peplum

Hello hunnies! Sorry I haven't had a post up in few days, the weather has been very terrible and got me down with a flu but glad am a bit better now! Hope you had a great week and you have something exciting planned for the weekend? This post should be quite short but with loads of pictures so please enjoy......

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Swishpiration: Edwina

Hello dearies! Yet another episode of the swish fashionistas! I really do hope you enjoy this features as much as I love to see other gorgeous fashionistas out there. Today's style feature is this amazing lady 'Edwina' not alone is her style but also her personality as you can read that through her looks.

Honestly her style is just absolutely airing. I love her soft color plays and choice of distinct patterns. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Double Leopard {Rihanna Inspired Look}

Good morning sweeties! I really do wish everyone a great week ahead. It's amazing how the year is running by so quick {may The Lord spare our lives to see it through-amen}. I hope to make you smile this monday yet again. This morning I sure had a strong connection with animal print- leopard to be precise, only to think am not a huge fan of it. Well I hope I managed to pull it off.

To be honest I wasn't super confident in this outfit when I thought of it but I think I liked the flow when i paired it with the black blazer to get a more corporate Monday back to work look. Like I said earlier, i am not a huge fan of prints. I prefer to stick to plain fabrics. But this look was actually inspired by Rihanna I just added a little twist to how I wore it. I won't bother to do the regular "who wore it better"......it's better not to bother as its pretty obvious who did. Lol. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Neon spark...

Hello dolls and my loyal gents. I hope everyone is having a chilled weekend! Well my weekend is looking exciting I must say and I wish everyone the same. Today's post is very short and precise! I'm headed to a friends birthday do and I felt like looking a bit sparkly {if such word exist...lol}.

The moment I saw this crop top, I immediately felt sorry for my account balance yet again...lol. I have had this neon skirt for a while now and never had the perfect top to pair it with. I was way to excited that it finally got worn. I love the look of the pencil skirt on it as it has such a flattering fit. It is also a simple skirt and gives an easy flow with the busy top. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Purple Rescue!

Hey dearies! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! It's Friday...no doubt your are way more excited than I am! Today's post is very TGIF like! Although different from the almost usual Friday "turnt up" edition.

Ah! Check out how excited I look, it's just the Friday vibe....so, this outfit is a bit different from my usual popping and loud colors! I decided to give my self a chill pill with colors before I start boring you all with it {I sure wont want that at all}. my love for this jumpsuit is nothing but its frill sleeves and also the boot cut legs. The sleeves just gives a bit of edge to it and quite unusual in a cute way. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Swishpiration: Olamiposi Alade {Super Woman Chic}

Hello my hunnies! Am super duper excited to share today's style feature with you! This ladies style is absolutely stunning and has a mixture of everything hence why I consider her "super woman chic". From classy to colorful, playful, casual, uptight, just name it! I need not say Olamiposi has got the Swish style!

Olamiposi is surely a fashionista! Her color mix is just very playful. I am particularly in love with how she blends the choice of her shoes with her blouse, this gives a nice balance to the whole outfit. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Flowery Monday...

Hello dearies! Hoping everyone had a great weekend? I wish you all an amazing and productive week ahead! It's Monday, I really won't want to bore you with soo much epistle to read! Promise to keep it brief today!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Retro Chick...

Hey sweets! Sure the weekend excitement has kicked in! Was super itchy to share this post just for the love of retro. There is something about retro styles that i find very fresh and just heart warming.

You might wonder why I find this outfit related to retro style. I think the lumberjack shirt can be associated with the 80's. how I love my color red! The beautiful red color on the shirt gave a very distinct contrast on the acid wash denim pencil skirt. The chic aspect of this ensemble is the midi length of this denim skirt which is quite an unusual cut for denim skirts....{ok I need to stop ranting about the retro chic...lol}. I had been longing for an occasion that would make me try something quite vintage yet modern as I am usually in my "girly girly" mode; then I got invited to an outdoor wine tasting gathering. I smiled my worries away just by the thought of this outfit. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tangerine Thursday.....

Top of the morning my luvlies, whoop! The weekend is peeping through already. I hope y'all been having a great week so far?

Today's post is quite an effortless one. It's one of those days I just couldn't be bothered to make an extra effort, have been a little bit under the weather. I have always loved the mix of orange and purple as a combination so I decided to give it a go with this skirt and blouse.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Swishspiration: princess Osahon {Candy express}

Hello lovelies. I am excited to introduce to you the very first episode of "swishspiration". This episode would be occurring from time to time where classy and chic fashionistas would be featured round the globe. {at least we all get a break from seeing my face....lol}

Today's feature is the gorgeous Princess osahon. This lady right here has such an amazing style! You just have to fall in love with how she makes the best of colors and prints. 

I love how she plays with colors and makes it look really chic. She tones the outfit down with neutral shoes and has a super blend when it comes to makeup. She also doesn't overpower her looks with excessive accessories which gives nothing but a breath of fresh air! 

Please continue for more pictures.....

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Polka meets Stripe...

Hey lovelies! Am hoping everyone had a great start to the week? Well, mine has started off quite hectic but composing this post leaves me with a kick of excitement.

Today's post is breaking that old fashion rule that says "...two or more prints should be avoided or can't be worn together". I think if one selects whatever kind of print carefully they end up looking cute and playful. One has to be very mindful of mixing prints appropriately considering the colors on the prints. 

My attraction to this outfit was the midi fit of the skirt and the pretty colorful polka dot on the top. Midi skirts are certainly classy and goes a long way in giving a conservative look. Moreover midi skirts can be versatile for occasions. It can be worn to dinners, work , hangouts ,etc depending on how it's rocked. On this occasion, I wore it to an informal meeting. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Raspberry fusion 💞💖💞

Hello my luvlies! I hope everyone is having a great Sunday? Wishing everyone a great week ahead. This post is just what you need for unwinding your Sunday afternoon. From the simplicity of the dress to its enchanting color. 

This maxi slit trend is every ladies must have! You just have to love the very vibrant color that suits almost all skin tones, the wrap style, the trendiness of the not too high slits, it's perfect fit, etc! I could really go on and on about this dress to be honest. As soon as I saw this dress online, I couldn't wait to checkout to make them all mine! I wore this dress to a friends wedding as I thought they looked quite right for the occasion considering the slits isn't too high aswel keeping it very conservative. 

Pairing this look was super easy! I mean the dress has done majority of it, all I had to do was wear appropriate shoes and accessorize calmly. I opted for a really high 140mm inches nude court heels and added a slim gold waist belt to create that perfect glam look. The choice of nude heels was as a result of toning the color of the dress down and to actually create a stunning contrast. The slim gold waist belt has really cute colorful stones on the brooch and works well with the color of the dress; it also helped in accentuating my waistline. 

I ensured to make my accessories flow nicely with the look. I carried a black purse to get the complete look{sorry I dint pose for a picture with the dress}. I wore a drop fringe earrings and left my neck free from a chain or necklace to avoid a clash; wore a gold wrist watch and blak/gold bracelet which flows well with the waist belt.  I had a wavy curls on my hair and brought it forward on both sides . 

Trust me when am going for outstanding occasions, I spend extra time on my makeup like am the celebrant {lol}.......I had my face highlighted and contoured, applied Mac's Cranberry eyeshadow and the Gold color from my sleek pallet. Chose Rimmel's nude lipstick in the #03 shade just to compliment the shoes and avoid a loud look. Finished the makeup with Sleek's coral shade blush. 

I know I mentioned the slit isn't soo high, I think this was just a conscious naughty effort by me.....lol! Pls pardon me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post guys? Pls do visit again. Pls remember to subscribe to post, follow on Instagram to be updated.

Yewande Alaka

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Jogger Flow...

I know we all love weekends! The parties, hangouts, weddings, food, etc is enough reason to get excited! Lol. ....surely wont forget to say hey to my sweeties. Today's outfit is a little different from my usual "girly" look. I think I went a bit outside my comfort zone so do let me know if its a safe zone or not.

why I think it's outside my comfort zone is the jogger pants which is usually more associated with a male look. I am really not that type that tries the male look often but decided to give this a go because that is all what fashion is about; trying new stuff, mixing & matching, color play, etc. After my love at first sight for this female version jogger, the fabric just escalated my love even more! It's made out of rich polyester which gives it such a gorgeous fit all round even to the firm cuffs by the ankle.  My instinct told me straight away it would be a take home after visiting the fitting room, and I couldn't help but imagine rocking them on a chilled day with the girls at a bar/lounge sipping on our cocktails {lol}. 

Pairing this look got me thinking "yewande! give it a simple go, you know guys always love to keep it simple" {lol!}. I decided to act on my thought and slipped on a plain white crop top. I worked with the color of the pants in ascertaining my choice of shoes and bag. The tan color of the pant is a good match to the leopard print and gives a nice flow. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Blueime Me.....

Hey hunnies! I would like to say a HUGE thank you for taking time out to visit my blog today! I am overly excited that I would become your e-neighbor in the next years {lol}. It's a smashing feeling knowing that I now have adorable people to share my fashion thoughts, looks & ideas with......

So today's post has quite a clang of colors going on! Dressing this up gave me this "tangfastic" feeling as a result of the neon green color that created that sweet and sour feeling! I wore this neon green dress to hang out with the girls. The one thing I love about this dress is its simplicity and awesome fit. It fits just right not being too clingy or loose either. 

The very first time I set my eyes on this dress I knew it would be a take home and I quickly imagined to span on my blue peep toe heels. I am such a Junkie for waist belts, they have such a cute way of giving you a very flattering shape and emphasizing your waist line. The awesome thing about it aswel is it suits almost all body type and adds a bit of glam to most looks. 

Black Pop!

Yes! It's Friday dollies! Am sure everyone is more excited than I am! There is something about Friday that makes me giggle to the most ridiculous jokes ever....lol. This Post is yet another "fina turn up" edition......lol! 

You know how black just depicts elegance! That is what I find charming about this dress! Not that black is a very charming color but the little twist of it having a silver beaded work on the Chest is what gives it a refined feel. 

Pls pardon my looks in this pictures, I was a bit tired! Lol. So I decided to bring out the spark in this not so little black dress! I paired it with a color blocked heels to brighten it up a bit.