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Friday, 1 November 2013

Black Pop!

Yes! It's Friday dollies! Am sure everyone is more excited than I am! There is something about Friday that makes me giggle to the most ridiculous jokes ever....lol. This Post is yet another "fina turn up" edition......lol! 

You know how black just depicts elegance! That is what I find charming about this dress! Not that black is a very charming color but the little twist of it having a silver beaded work on the Chest is what gives it a refined feel. 

Pls pardon my looks in this pictures, I was a bit tired! Lol. So I decided to bring out the spark in this not so little black dress! I paired it with a color blocked heels to brighten it up a bit.

I opted for a red lippy and I thought it would be cool since the heels also had a bit of red going on on them aswel. I kept d eyeshadow and and blush as soft as it cold be just not to create so much buzz. I wore a dropping fringe fuschia earring since a necklace is not needed so a long earring seemed more appropriate to complete the look. 

It's Friday guys, not saying much as I can't wait to turn up myself .......And that's a pre turn up picture below! Lol.....

Hope you enjoyed this post? Please do visit again! Thank you

Yewande Alaka