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Monday, 2 December 2013

Blue reign...

Good good morning beautiful people! Happy new month aswel! I hope you had a smashing weekend? Mine was quite chilled....this is a real quick post to give your monday morning an amazing zoom! Hope it does...
You know I love to keep Mondays quite corporate but yet chic for a smashing work look! This is how it played out this monday....

Am pretty sure by now you know am a color junkie, I found the black on the jacket quite dull so I decided to give the outfit a kick with the blue skirt. Wore an animal print peplum jacket and a black ankled court heels to matte with the jacket. 

By the way, I changed my hair {yaaay, bet you got bored of that long weave.....what's your take on this style; does it suit?}. I absolutely love the way this bag and shoes match. Like they were made together!

I used a slim waist belt to accentuate my waistline and also to enhance the peplum style more....

The wind kept blowing my hair. Is it true this hair makes me look like Diana Ross? Hmmmm.....

I told you it was going to be a real quick post..... Pls smile through this monday and the rest of the week. 

Thanks for visiting yet again, please do visit back! Stay tuned for the give away.....

Yewande Alaka


  1. love ur style gal

  2. Waohhhhhhhhh ur hair. Uhm uhm uhm..Really luv it.. It suits u.. I cld hardly see ur face tho ��

  3. Whooop! Glad you do, I think the take on the hair has been a good bal so far. Cheers hun. Xxxx

  4. Wow hawt! And your hair new look nice, u look really put 2geda,good job babe!!!

  5. I almost didn't recognize you with that hair. Its lovely.

  6. Hello saw ur weight loss post on instagram pls hw did u accomplish dat?