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Monday, 18 November 2013

Double Leopard {Rihanna Inspired Look}

Good morning sweeties! I really do wish everyone a great week ahead. It's amazing how the year is running by so quick {may The Lord spare our lives to see it through-amen}. I hope to make you smile this monday yet again. This morning I sure had a strong connection with animal print- leopard to be precise, only to think am not a huge fan of it. Well I hope I managed to pull it off.

To be honest I wasn't super confident in this outfit when I thought of it but I think I liked the flow when i paired it with the black blazer to get a more corporate Monday back to work look. Like I said earlier, i am not a huge fan of prints. I prefer to stick to plain fabrics. But this look was actually inspired by Rihanna I just added a little twist to how I wore it. I won't bother to do the regular "who wore it better"......it's better not to bother as its pretty obvious who did. Lol. 

My love for midi skirts are just out of this world. They are so chic, comfortable and the decent length is just to die for. The red background and black leopard print on the skirt was also a plus as it gives a very different look as opposed to the usual brown leopard. So I simply wore a leopard blazer camisole to get a similar look as riri and since I wanted a more formal look, I opted for a power shoulder black blazer. The power shoulder of this blazer is really cute in my opinion as it in between formal and edgy. 

The twist of my look when compared to that of Rihana is the touch of the waist belt, a blazer and the choice of nude heels as opposed to black. I decided to wear a waist belt because the skirt had a plain elastic band and I thought it had look very casual for a work look. Also, I ensured to match the nude background on the leopard camisole to ascertain the choice of shoes. Finally, I thought the outfit without a blazer looked a bit casual which was why I opted for the blazer to get a better work corporate look. 

As usual, I try to smile as much as I can! Trust me I was quite cold taking the pictures, I was seriously forming hardcore..lol. So I wore Mac's Rubby woo to compliment the red skirt and applied Sleek's Sahara shade blush. I dint apply much makeup, I tried to make my smile do the rest of the job. 

Check out Yewande Alaka feeling like a mini Riri....My legs just ain't as sleek as hers just yet..lol. I hope this was a well pulled off inspired look?

Thanks for viewing/ reading this post guys. Please remain loyal and visit again. 

Yewande Alaka


  1. I like! You def pulled it off.

  2. Replies
    1. Temiiii tnx sweets! Your comments keeps me going. Xxx

  3. love dis combo.....sweet leo prints i call it...go wande!

  4. TBH, you pulled off the look better than Riri. I like the simple elegance of your look. Leopard print is one of my absolute fav things and there's a very thin line between wearing it classy and trashy. Next to you, Riri looks like trash. JMO though :D
    Oh! and ur pins are deffo better girl!! #nohomo