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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Boyfriend sTEAL....

Hello sweeties! It's been a long minute.....I have been super busy and also struggling trying to adapt to winter yet again. I know it's not enough reason not to have blogged but pls pardon me. Am soo excited today because 'swish styles' is four weeks old already. I really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who stays glued to this blog, people that spread the word, everybody that has supported and shown love one way or the other. Am truly grateful and just can't thank you enough because the turn out has done way more than I expected. THANK YOU xxxxx..

So today's post is a bit of a an indecisive look. Wore a male looking boyfriend jeans and a girly structured peplum top and heeled sandals.....

Expect to see my happy face all through as I smiled extra hard by the thought of being 4weeks old...hehehe. Am a massive fan of peplum! It's such a versatile style because it can be easily paired with anything and would look great. If you decide to wear a skirt, pants, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans (like I did) just name it! It would come out looking good. This particular peplum was a winner for me because the peplum is structured be and the fabric is amazing. The fabric makes it stand and gives a definite look showing the peplum style properly. 

I was a bit scared to try this look as am to the most comfortable person with trying on male looking clothes. Th boyfriend jeans had a bit if a baggy look which is the whole point and the crop style. I kept asking myself if I dint look silly...lol. I particularly love the acid wash color and the light polka dot in print on the jeans.

I paired the outfit with my gold heeled black sandal. I think wearing a court heels would have also looked cute but I opted for this as its a bit more simpler and would hide the long length of the jeans. I completed it with a blue/white beaded clutch to bring out the chicness in the outfit. 

 I really love this necklace of mine! It has such cute colors on them that seems to almost go with anything I think of. Accessories have a way of adding a plus to a simple outfits. The necklace has the color teal on it aswel so it was super easy to blend.

I wore a mini sized blue earrings to match the necklace. My makeup wasn't really loud.although, I wanted a popping lips so I used Mac rebel lipstick and sleek flushed blush.

I am such a smiley......

O weee, check out how I excited I was...I had to do a jump! I look soo energetic. 

I hope you enjoyed this post guys...thanks for the love & support once again. Pls watch out ladies a give away is coming real soon so pls stay glued. 

Yewande Alaka


  1. Who would have tot,u totally nailed it, looking beautiful as ever,soon u will celebrate one year. U go giirl! Good job!!

  2. Look at how much progress you've made within a month! I'm so excited about the future of your blog. Congrats on the several feautres so far...and good job on this look as well xxxx

    1. Thanks for always supporting sweets, it means a lot to me. Xxxx