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Monday, 11 November 2013

Flowery Monday...

Hello dearies! Hoping everyone had a great weekend? I wish you all an amazing and productive week ahead! It's Monday, I really won't want to bore you with soo much epistle to read! Promise to keep it brief today!

So today's post is a bit flowery as the title connotes! Nothing makes it flowery other than the eye catching emerald green and fuschia pink. My thought on this outfit was "Yewande, isn't this a bit too bright for a monday morning?". Then my inner fashion goddess replied and said "well, Wande this outfit could brighten up people's day you know, remember most people dislike Mondays". So being my obedient self that I am as always, I listened to my fashion goddess. I hope this outfit really brightens your monday. Did it?

If you are not a lover of emerald green, pls just permit me to talk you into falling in love with it. It's so rich and I wonder why I feel a natural flavor breezing through it. Honestly am not a great fan of peg pants which is what this pant is but I couldn't help myself with that emerald color, it felt like a reflex action when I added it to my cart. Then this blazer, yes it's the color yet again, amazing rich pink. I think pink especially this fuchsia shade works well with almost all skin tones. It brings out some sort of brightness. For the blazer; the color, superb fit and puffed shoulders are the reasons why I like it {pls note you would be seeing it very often as its one of my favorite...lol}. 

I decided to wear my nude court heels with this outfit. It's already a bright outfit so definitely something cool was way to go just for a warm flow. I wore a black leotard underneath the blazer; I chose black as I thought it is a good combination with both emerald green & fuschia and also to add more warmth to the bright look. To be honest I forgot to take a picture with my handbag {pls pardon me} but I carried a black bowling bag. The bag certainly gave a more professional look and gave the outfit the warmth I wanted. 

I don't think I look too excited about monday myself {lol}. I kept my makeup very light. I applied Rimmel's nude #03 lipstick and a soft blush. It's a working day, certainly no heavy makeup. No accessories what so ever, a mini silver earrings just worked! 

Please ignore this last picture. I was only trying a fierce pose other than my regular signature ones! But I have learnt it doesn't work. Smiling is still way to go for me. Hehehehe......

Thanks for viewing/ reading this post guys. Please remain loyal and visit again. 

Yewande Alaka


  1. Yandeee!!! Ever slaying. You look really hawt as always. Keep up the good and hard work and by Gods grace this blog is going to blow, way beyond your expectations. Thanks for putting smiles on faces and saving me small stress of "calculating" baffs (would give Lamz a break) lol. Take care Hun. Xx

  2. Nice combo!!! Good job babe,keep it up!!!