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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Retro Chick...

Hey sweets! Sure the weekend excitement has kicked in! Was super itchy to share this post just for the love of retro. There is something about retro styles that i find very fresh and just heart warming.

You might wonder why I find this outfit related to retro style. I think the lumberjack shirt can be associated with the 80's. how I love my color red! The beautiful red color on the shirt gave a very distinct contrast on the acid wash denim pencil skirt. The chic aspect of this ensemble is the midi length of this denim skirt which is quite an unusual cut for denim skirts....{ok I need to stop ranting about the retro chic...lol}. I had been longing for an occasion that would make me try something quite vintage yet modern as I am usually in my "girly girly" mode; then I got invited to an outdoor wine tasting gathering. I smiled my worries away just by the thought of this outfit. 

Am super in love with the cute little bow on this shirt. It adds nothing but an extra retro look, I mean from images I see from the 80s, majority of the ladies had there buttons all the way to the top giving a very serious & conservative look. As soon as I laid my eyes on the skirt, I knew a bright colored shirt would work just because of the amazing contrast; it has a good way of gelling with acid wash  color. I opted for a black sandal to pair this outfit for completing the chic aspect. 

Pls ignore my signature poses and that smile! I am currently working on learning more poses....lol! I think the thought of wine also got me a bit tipsy already hence my excited look! So, my retro theme got me wearing a pearl button earrings {my love for button earrings are beyond your imagination! They are my favorite! They are way too cute and ladylike}. My black & gold sling bag came to the rescue yet again! You just gotta love this bag; it matches almost everything. 

I must say it would be very hard giving another red lippy a go! Mac's Rubby Woo has stolen my heart! Red lippy had a great flow with the shirt and it has great connection with the 80s..... Also, I had my hair in a side plait and packed it backwards! I was more than glad for this change of hair look as the long curls got a bit boring already. I loved that the hair brought out all features of the outfit most especially the earring. 

What's your take on this look? Did I pull the retro chic look off? 

Thanks for visiting my luvlies pls stay glued. 

Photo Credit: Bolasami Photography (@bolasami)

Yewande Alaka


  1. You made retro modern and kept the chic. Kudos to you, you look lovely as always! X

  2. Omg! Pls can you stop smiling as beautiful as this when you're taking pictures, the 1st thing I see is the smile, I almost forgot it was a fashion blog! Jeez mehn! Looool but your smile is beautiful though. The combination is tight! And the smile just makes the overall outfit 110%. Welldone! I think I'm addicted to your blog! *cover face*

    1. Hahahahahah. Thank you boo. U alweiz make me blush! Am glad u are addicted nxxxx

    2. Pls follow back on instagram hun, I'd like to show you the pink Asos dress I bought. It's @miss_temitayo