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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Swishpiration: Edwina

Hello dearies! Yet another episode of the swish fashionistas! I really do hope you enjoy this features as much as I love to see other gorgeous fashionistas out there. Today's style feature is this amazing lady 'Edwina' not alone is her style but also her personality as you can read that through her looks.

Honestly her style is just absolutely airing. I love her soft color plays and choice of distinct patterns. 

Every fashionista should be great at remixing their clothes. I mean it is awesome to be able to wear a piece so many times in so many ways having people wonder if its the same or not. O yes my darling Edwina is super good at that and I must commend her greatly as its a job well done. 

I love her pouts, soft smile and poses.... 

O yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Edwina certainly has the swish style! Do you agree people? Follow her to See more of her looks on instagram : @versicloset check out her blog aswel for daily fashion updates and fashion fixes at www.versicolorcloset.com

You can be the next feature on "swishpiration"! Kindly email yewandealaka@gmail.com for further enquiries et procedure. Thanks for viewing guys. Pls do visit back. 

Yewande Alaka


  1. Did I say you were a sweetheart?! :) thank you so much for this! I'm blushing :)
    PS: Love your style, love your smile, love your blog :)

    1. Wonder why am just seeing this. You welcome hunnie! Keep staying fabulous. Xxxx