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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mellow mustard

Hello dearies! Hoping everyone is doing great! Today's outfit is a bit in a dilemma of being either contemporary or vintage. But I think I tried to make it look more contemporary. 

This gorgeous heavily beaded mustard dress caught my attention as soon as i saw it online. In fact it gave me sleepless nights until I laid my hands on them{lol}. I had been thinking of the perfect occasion to rock this dress to so as not to look overdressed. Gracefully I had a surprise 30th birthday dinner at a five star restaurant and I was over the moon that the perfect occasion showed up.

This dress already has a breath taking mustard color, pretty black beads and the latest fashion trend of high slits. Considering all the attributes of this dress, I decided to tone it down as much as I could. The dress has a deep V neckline so I had to wear a black camisole underneath so as to keep the look conservative and not show off anything....lol. I paired the dress with a ankle strap sandal, the gold heel detail on the sandal just makes it super cute. I ensured my toe nails had a nice polish on aswel.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tempting Fuschia

Mi dollies! I can't help but imagine y'all are doing very fine! Today's post won't have me saying much, I promise! It's a really simple one! This is one of those "turnt up or turn down for what" days {lol}. 

So I wore a fuschiapink bandage dress and my mirrored court heels {pls start getting used to seeing this shoes very often as I can't get my feet off them! I call them my "one nation" heels....lol}. The one thing that really attracted me to this dress was that its a more affordable version of "herve leger" dresses, its popping color and the black waistline detail. The black waistline detail helped in accentuating my waist without the need of a waist belt so as not to make the outfit looking too busy especially because the shoes had a lot of details already. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Casual pastel

Hello sweets! {this is my fav endearment by the way...lol}. So today's look is a bit on the casual side with two pastel colors going on; coral and mint. There is something about pastel colors that gives a colorful but yet a soft look. 

I mean imagine if two or more primary colors {red,yellow, blue...} were paired together, it would look rather loud and busy with a great clash. In the case of pastel colors, one could still get a way with pairing three colors and making the whole outfit look very subtle and classy. In fact, you  you could look as yummy as candy....lol! 

Am such a great sucker for dressing right for an occasion. So this look got me wearing a sleeveless coral shirt paired with a super high waist skinny jeans worn to a house party over summer. O how I luv anything high waist! It has a way of making almost any body structure look super shapy. I went for a mint/blue peep toe kitten heels to complete the pastel look and a cream bag for an easy breezy flow.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Monochrome tweed

Hey sweeties! This isn't quite a very recent photo; was taken in April and the occasion was my friends court wedding. So I had the monochrome effect going on with tweed fabrics. Both the skirt and top are made of tweed. I paired this simple black peplum top with a white not so mini skirt {lol}! 

I matted the outfit with a black under tone mirrored court heels and a cream handbag to bring out the whole monochrome theme more! Alongside a slim gunpowder color waist belt so just to accentuate my waistline and make the outfit a bit more dressy.

But of course I can't help but tell you the lippy I opted for. I wore Mac's rebel lipstick which is more of a  plummy purple {if there is anything like dat...lol}. I honestly wanted to wear the life saving red lippy by Mac 'Rubby Woo' so just to give the outfit a pop but unfortunately dint have one yet! Am sure every one knows how gorgeous this lippy is and suits almost all skin tones.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Hello ladies! Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog! I really do hope you would be glued to this blog as much as I imagined and you go as far as adding it to your bookmark!

It's all about FASHION! FASHION!! FASHION!!! Please feel free to follow, comment, like and spread the news of this blog! God bless you!

Yewande Alaka xoxo