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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mellow mustard

Hello dearies! Hoping everyone is doing great! Today's outfit is a bit in a dilemma of being either contemporary or vintage. But I think I tried to make it look more contemporary. 

This gorgeous heavily beaded mustard dress caught my attention as soon as i saw it online. In fact it gave me sleepless nights until I laid my hands on them{lol}. I had been thinking of the perfect occasion to rock this dress to so as not to look overdressed. Gracefully I had a surprise 30th birthday dinner at a five star restaurant and I was over the moon that the perfect occasion showed up.

This dress already has a breath taking mustard color, pretty black beads and the latest fashion trend of high slits. Considering all the attributes of this dress, I decided to tone it down as much as I could. The dress has a deep V neckline so I had to wear a black camisole underneath so as to keep the look conservative and not show off anything....lol. I paired the dress with a ankle strap sandal, the gold heel detail on the sandal just makes it super cute. I ensured my toe nails had a nice polish on aswel.

Am sure by now you know am not a fan of busy looks.....lol! I avoided wearing a necklace so opted for a dropping earring instead. The one thing I love about this hairstyle is its versatility. I love how I can always play with the curls and get different looks every time. For this outfit, I did a loose bottom curls and had it pinned back so as to get a precise look for both my face and the dress. Kept my eyes and cheek makeup very minimal using gold eyeshadow and green eyeliner. Dabbed on Sleek's most subtle and natural blush which is the "Sahara" shade. The look ended up looking as I wanted, I knew I wanted a pop on my lip and Mac's Ruby Woo came to the rescue. 

I took sooo many pictures that day that I was almost mistaken for the celebrant! Lol. 

Thanks for stoping by dolls! Do visit again and add this blog to your bookmark pls!
P.s: this is the picture quality you would be getting from time to time in few weeks.

Yewande Alaka


  1. Lovely.....the blend of d hair...earring and dress is incredible....

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  3. Your smile! It lights up the room. Beautiful. X

  4. Keep up the good work! I need to have this dress