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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Harlem ShAke...

Hello my gorgeous readers! Am hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend. I am all smiles,and full of energy as always to the point where have been doing the Harlem shake since am representing with my tee...lol. Wore this full mini skater skirt paired with a tee to hang on on Friday with the girls, just for drinks and a little catch up. The outfit I must say was very very comfortable wearing it and I love Netherlands monochrome look it came out as. Hope you like it?

I poped my lips with red lippie, you now I like to give the look a kick if they are basic colors...

I was doing the HARLEM shake aswel....hehehe

And I felt like a little kid trying to do a spin....

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Please stay glued as always and thanks for viewing/reading. 

Yewande Alaka

Labels- Tshirt: Primark, Skirt: River Island, Belt: Primark, Shoes: Zara, Chain: Forever21, Lipstick. Mac Rubby Woo. 


  1. U luk swishamazing

  2. This is lovely Yewande!! I rilly love your style....*I wil try to becum like you sumday*

  3. Love ur sandals.


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    1. love ur skirt and the turning around effect... hehehe