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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bespoke chic...

My loyal readers! I can't begin to stress how much I have missed blogging and you all! My apologies for staying away for this long but I had to for personal reasons! But it's safe to say am fully back!  

This look is a mixture of a tailored look with the jacket and tinning it down with a pair of the most super comfortable high waist jeans ever to bring out the chicness in the look. I wore this outfit to afternoon tea with my friend whilst in Paris. 

I added a brooch to the lapel of the jacket to make it more dressy and get the chic look I aimed for. 

Good thing about this jacket is it can be worn in so many ways! Substitute the tank top for a t shirt and a regular denim. Or you can also choose to wear a necklace instead of a brooch! This jacket is a wardrobe staple! It's super versatile!

You ladies all deserve to have this jacket in your wadrobe! Would surely be a rescue for days you want a moderate but chic look! 

Remember you can now purchase this whole look from myself. Just add me on bbm : 56288ED0 or email yewandealaka@gmail.com. Look chic for less my beautiful ladies! Follow on Instagram for looks update: swish_closet

P.s - my apologies for the picture quality, had to use my iPhone as I was away!  

Thanks for reading! Check back for the next post.  

Yewande Alaka 

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