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Monday, 23 December 2013

Fuschia Radiance {Birthday Edition}

Hello my sweechies! I am super duper excited with this post, just because its my BIRTHDAY EDITION! It was my birthday on Friday the 20th and I had such an amazing and fun day with friends and family. This post is a gist post! Lol....I would gist you how I spent my day. The gist would be in a reversed format as I have pictures to justify how the night played out. During the day, I had a pampering session...hair and nails done then for a spa session booked from my adorable friend where I got a Swedish massage at B naturals Spa for 45mins. It was absolutely relaxing and soothing.  

The night jetted off with a hang out session at Shaunz bar in Victoria Island (ou! Did I forget to say am in Nigeria and I am having a blast soo far). It's actually a karaoke bar; I totally loved the ambience but trust naija people, we love to groove so it was a full house! Although, I was lucky enough to have made a reservation earlier in a nice corner for my few guest. Honestly, when I got there at first, I wasn't feeling it soo much as the karaoke was on and people's squawky voices was a pain....lol! Mehn musicians are blessed you know, I heard all sort of voice that night which cracked me up and they were all feeling like Celine  dion. 

Since i was going to a bar, I wanted a very chilled outfit that would look classy and not too overpowering but still with a birthday girls look! I went for a very simple Fuchsia pink jumpsuit. The color was the main thing for me but I thought it was extremely simple so I decided to make it fun with how I rocked it. Do you think it wasn't a bad look for a celebrant?

I decided to color block to have a yummy look as I intended! I color blocked with royal blue and gold high lights. I was super excited when I got this pair of shoes as a gift from a very special person and it just made my choice of heels easier in putting the whole look together. 

In complimenting the look, I decided to match it up with a blue lucite clutch. This clutch I love because of its simplicity and the transparent effect. It's also a very good size, can fit all necessities. 

Since the jumpsuit was pretty simple, I decided to enhance it more with a gold mirrored belt. I also wanted to go all out with my necklace to make the look very dressy.


So back to gist! Then the grooving started! Shaunz bars dj was off the hook! I quickly got up and started whining my tiny waist! I din't even bother with drinking as I was already hyper. 

Then my cakes! Omg! I had way tooo many cakes. My family and friends kept surprising me with them. I say a huge thank you to everyone again via this medium. It was soo exciting that people made me feel special. I truly have awesome friends. 

I also had cupcakes, but it all couldn't fit! They all tasted yummy! That red velvet cake was magical am weary for my weight in this country, tooo much food all round. 

Ok guys won't want to bore you any longer so am going to wrap it up now! After Shaunz bar we headed to Sip club where we turnt up even more. Although it was madness to get in but it was worth it and we partied real hard! Except I dint like that people are allowed to smoke in there. I recommend this club to every one on holiday in Nigeria. 

I hope you enjoyed this edition. Please stay tuned as always and I apologize for picture quality and general editing. 

Yewande Alaka

Labels - Jumpsuit: Topshop, Shoes: giuseppe zanotti, Belt: New look, Clutch: Macy's, Necklace: Topshop, Lipstick: Mac Girl about town & Magenta lip liner. 


  1. Just found your blog.
    Beautiful outfit
    And happy belated birthday.

  2. Glad you had a great time x loving the outfit