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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tempting Fuschia

Mi dollies! I can't help but imagine y'all are doing very fine! Today's post won't have me saying much, I promise! It's a really simple one! This is one of those "turnt up or turn down for what" days {lol}. 

So I wore a fuschiapink bandage dress and my mirrored court heels {pls start getting used to seeing this shoes very often as I can't get my feet off them! I call them my "one nation" heels....lol}. The one thing that really attracted me to this dress was that its a more affordable version of "herve leger" dresses, its popping color and the black waistline detail. The black waistline detail helped in accentuating my waist without the need of a waist belt so as not to make the outfit looking too busy especially because the shoes had a lot of details already. 

I decided to use very minimal jewelry/accessories trying to keep the look as simple as possible. I avoided a necklace because it had a blak detailing on the neckline aswel and had a high round neck hence why I thought a necklace was unecessary. I slipped on a silver wrist watch and a black bracelet to complete the look.

In other to avoid a flat look, I wore Mac's rebel lipstick with Mac's Magenta lip line and Sleek's flushed blush. The lip liner helped in getting a more fuschia colour as opposed to its original plummy purple color. This time I went for a big hair! I combed out the curls after bendy rolling them just to add a bit of flavour to the look.

Ignore my facial expression in that last pic...lol! I was a bit too excited I was going to dance!

P.s: I am terribly sorry about picture quality, the lighting was very terrible that day! Expect more professional pictures for subsequent posts. 

Hope you enjoied viewing / reading this post? Thanks for visiting once again and do come back!

Yewande Alaka

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