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Monday, 16 June 2014

Swishpiration : Agatha {fierce fashionista}...

Hello my beauties! Gentle apologies for my absence...I went away and I must confess I had an amazing time. Regardless, I miss blogging and showing off this amazing fashionistas I bring to you on Swishpiration episodes. I hope I have equally been missed? Hehehehe.....

Today's Swishpiration is a killer! She would take your breath away, tempt you to go on a shopping spree, make you have a new level of love for colors, you might also get tempted to adopt a new love for color black and the list is just endless! 

Allow me to introduce to you my fellow blogger and fashionista Agtha!  Her style is bold, fierce and chic! You can't help but love how her beautiful black skin tone radiates colors worn. Please enjoy her versatile looks and don't forget to rate her style in the comment below.... Enjoy!

Can't get enough of her print and floral mix! 

Her skin tone makes you admit black is beautiful! It does something special to colors.... It just radiates through!

Her play with accessories is also another part of the countless reason why she's a real fashionista! This definitely adds more swag and chicness to the whole ensemble.

This is my favourite! She makes black speak what it should! Classic!

Agatha is 10/10! Can't seem to get enough of her style!  I told you she is fierce and chic! I bet she took your breath away. You know Swishpiration brings you only the BEST fashionistas.

Would you say Agatha has the swish style? Please rate her style on a scale of 1-10.....

I hope you enjoied this episode of Swishpiration. To checkout more of Nikkis's style, follow her on instagram @ironyofashi and her fashion blog on: www.ironyofashi.com

You can also be the next style feature on Swishpiration. I would now be giving shout outs on instagram and post on the blog if you have the Swish style. Please hash tag #swishstyle to be featured. 

Yewande Alaka 

1 comment:

  1. I love her skin. She's a classic example of "..she wears her clothes and her clothes don't wear her" which is great thing!