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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Morning dolls! Before I start giving details of this actual post, I want to apologise for the not so professional images. I went to a friends surprise send off party and had to make do with my camera. 

I dint intend to do a post but I thought you haven't seen much of me lately so pls pardon the quality and background of the pictures. Just enjoy it..... *smiles*. 

Since it wasn't an uptight dinner, I decided to look not soo serious. I wanted a formal hippy look with a twist. So my blazer and pants are on the formal side and the crop top gave it that twist I wanted. It was such a fun evening! Amazing restaurant choice, old friends, great laugh, soo much to eat, and more. Scroll through the pictures and you would feel the vibe too...

Then I started getting cheeky and feeling like a poser! I think am getting better at striking poses...lol! 

Hello selfie! Selfies usually don't work for me wonder why *sobs*...

Then I felt like a birthday girl....

And the night was a wrap! Am still very sorry for poor picture quality but am hoping you enjoied scrolling through.... Please do visit back as the next edition is going to be an amazing style feature.

Yewande Alaka

Labels- Crop Top: Forever21, Pants: Topshop, Shoes: River Island

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  1. I love your blazer. You look great.