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Monday, 10 March 2014

Fuschia blossom...

Good good morning my sweeties! I know I have been stalling way too much of late - I am absolutely
sorry I have been soo unbelievably consumed. I really hope this my smile is going to win your heart over and you forgive me and keep visiting this blog yet again {you should see the way am actually blushing right now like am convincing you I would be of good behavior .....hehehe}.

This post is a very simple look. I have on a very hot fuschia high waisted pants with contrasting black details at the bottom. I decided to pair the look with black so to make the fuschia very popping. Would you wear this look to work? Please leave a feedback and enjoy the rest of the pictures......

No I wasn't feeling myself.....lol

Then I took off the blazer....

Would you say you prefer this look with or without the blazer?

Watch out! This is that smile I was talking about earlier.....the one that should make you forgive me.... *blushes*.....

Hope it worked? 

I hope you enjoied this post luvlies? Pls do check back as swish style is BACK!  Thanks for viewing and do visit back and tell a friend to tell a friend about swish styles! 

Yewande Alaka

Labels- Pants: Asos, Top: Asos, Blazer: Topshop, heels: Zara, Lipstick : Mac girl about town. 


  1. Looo l, we still love you wizzy! Jezz! That smile though, I had to get my sunglasses to view the picture. Loooool xxx

    1. Hey sweetie! I have not been getting comment alerts :( hence why I haven't been replying. Thanks hun....lol @ glasses. Xxxx

  2. love the pants. Nominated you for a liebster award.


  3. Thanks hun. Very thoughtful of you. Please share details with me. Thank you xxxx