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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Swishpiration: Memory {print perfectiont}...

Morning dolls! Allow me to introduce to you the dazzling beauty; Memory! This weeks Swishspiration is super heart warming! Her style is really inspiring and I would let you be the judge of that when you view more of the pictures. 

One thing I admire about her style is how she's very conservative but yet very stylish! She makes floral, leopard and all sort of prints her favourite and I applaud her for that because they are really hard to pull off but she does it exceptionally well.  Also, her shoe game is to die for! I love how she rocks gladiators and makes it look very easy to rock. I should just really say memory makes everything look easy to pull of. Do you agree with me? O yes! I say this every time about colors! She's a fearless color lover too which makes me fall in love with all of her looks even more. please enjoy the pictures to see more of her looks and rate her style in the comment box below. 

Memory! Memory!! Memory!!! I can't just get enough of her smile, it's way too cute and original.... Her smile kind of reminds me of mine *giggles*. 

Oh lord! The way she rocks full skirts would make everyone want a copy of them! Elegantly well is what she does with full skirts! 

We can arguably conclude that memory is a sucker for prints! And yes she makes it look really nice... You can't agree more with me that she is a fashionista! Swishpiration brings you the best fashionistas ever...

Would you say Memory has the swish style? Please rate her style on a scale of 1-10.....

I hope you enjoied this episode of Swishpiration. To checkout more of Memory's style, follow her on instagram @doopie. 

You can also be the next style feature on Swishpiration. I would now be giving shout outs on instagram and post on the blog if you have the Swish style. Please hash tag #swishstyle to be featured. 

Yewande Alaka 


  1. 10/10 i follow her on instagram!

  2. thank you all for the lovely comments and to my darling Yewande thank you love for the feature